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Combined: Hawaiian Sea Water Cleanse and Ho’oponopono (5 or 10 days)

Access the Radiant Power Within & Harness Optimal
Healing & Health for Your Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit

Retreat dates: April 27-May7, 2009

Facilitated by Kumu’Ola Leina’ala K. Brown-Dombrigues and Kawei Keahi Hanakahi, the Volcano (Hilo side) seawater cleanse (Ho’omaemae I ka Hi'uwai Ola ‘O Hawai’i) involves the supervised ingestion of purified seawater - a perfect balance of minerals, like life generating amniotic fluid.

Kumu'ola Leina'ala has trained students for State of Hawai’i Licensure with Auntie Margaret K. Machado since 1986 & Aunty Abbie Napeahi since 1991, combining the traditional Hawaiian Sea Water Cleanse with the Wisdom of Ho’oponopono (integrity with self). The Lokahi (Union) of these Sacred Native Indigenous Healing Arts will be experienced together while consuming water to flush the large intestine, ascending, transverse, descending colons, and the major organs.

Kumu’Ola Leina’ala most recent Seawater Cleanse was in October of 2007 with very positive results. In the summer of 2006, Kumu shared these life success tools in (6) five day Seawater Cleanse Retreats. Filled with life energy, Kumu journeyed to Peru and proceeded to climb 13 mountains with the Inca High Priests. The final hiked was to Machupicchu Temple, one of the most sacred temples in Peru, where we prayed for peace, love and light that is 100% pure Alo’Ha where all there is IS LOVE of our world. Let Your Light Shine.

By uniting the Ultimate Cleanse in Hawai'i with the Wisdom of Ho’oponopono, you have the tools to create the life you desire. Kumu’Ola Leina’ala also collaborates with two valuable sacred native healers: Kanoaokalani and Keolamaikalani. They combine their collective experiences to aid those who are ready to let go of phobias and move forward.

Read more on Kumu's Bio

You can enjoy a discount on each of our programs below which supports further development of our programs and provides scholarship funding for Kanaka Maoli (native Hawaiians) through this program. Ku'Aina Membership is $33/month for one year. To qualify for theses special rates, please click the button below, complete the PayPal subscription information, and then return here to purchase your program.

Kahuna Lapa'au Ku'Aina Membership, $33/mo. for one year.

Cost of These Ancient Authentic Kawakahiko Hawaiian Healing & Health Cleanse Programs -top-

Ho’omaemae I ka Hui’wai Ola ‘O Hawai’i (Hawaiian Seawater Cleanse) 10 Day
April 27-May 7, 2009, Volcano, Hawai'i

  • Malahini (Novice) Rate = $5000
  • Ku'Aina (Membership) Rate = $3500
  • *Kanaka Maoli Rate = $2500
Kindly call Kumu at (808) 967-7781
to make payment arrangements.

Ho’omaemae I ka Hui’wai Ola ‘O Hawai’i (Hawaiian Seawater Cleanse) 5 Day
April 27-May 2 , 2009, Volcano, Hawai'i

  • Malahini (Novice) Rate = $2750
  • Ku'Aina (membership) Rate = $1900
  • *Kanaka Maoli Rate = $1500
Kindly call Kumu at (808) 967-7781
to make payment arrangements.

Deposit 50% due April 15, 2009.
Payment in full April 22, 2009.
Late fees after April 25, $100.

Limited Availability. Due to the nature of this life changing gift to Self, the program requires a full commitment. No Refunds.

*Participants who take the complete 10 day retreat program receive a Makana Aloha (Gift of Love) which may include any one of the following: Advanced Breath of Ha, Hawaiian Lomilomi Lapa’au training.

Dietary Restrictions begin 7-10 days before Cleanse.

  • Red meat, pork, beef
  • White flour
  • Pasta
  • Sugar, Candy, Sweets, Pastries
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine, sodas, coffee

Participants are responsible for their own housing & ground transportation. Should you have any meals outside of the cleansing retreat, these are not included. Contact Kumu directly to prepare for this Wonderful Detoxificaton and Adventure in Paradise on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Facilitators -top-

Kumu’ola Kahuna Lapa’au Kahu Leina’ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika’alaneo Brown-Dombrigues. Assisting Kumu'ola, Kahuna Lapa’au's Kanoaokalani and Keolamaiokalani, experts in Ho’oponopono & Releasing Negative Attachments. They help individuals to excel to realize their optimal Healing, Health & Wellness. Native indigenous kanaka maoli trained since 1975 and since 1986 by the loving hands of Aunty Margaret K. Machado. Kahuna Pule Lapa’au, LomiLomi Lapa’au, La’au Kahea, MaiOla, etc. Additional facilitators may be included.

Keahi Kawehi Hanakahi:

  • Kahu Lapa’au Pule Ola ‘Oli Ola, Counselor.
  • Ho’oponopono Kahu Lapa’au Counselor
  • Kalei’iliahi Kahuna Lapa’au & Nahokualakai Kahu Kahuna Lapa’au

Your Body (kino) is Your Temple

Results: The Internal Hawaiian Seawater Cleanse 5 & 10 Day Programs have produced healing miracles for thousands of years. This is a prevention program for health, wellness, and longevity.
For over 20 years Kumu’Ola Leina’ala has trained administrators and staff in clinics throughout Hawai`i to help assist their patients in achieving their optimal health.  These clinics include, Waianae Hawaiian Diet Program, Honolulu Drug Addiction Program, Big Island Hui Ho`ola `O Nana Hulu `O Hawai`i, cancer experts and cancer clinic CEOs, diabetes clinics CEOs, and many other patients and clients who describe the results as "miraculous."  The effects on the body, mind, spirit, and soul allow the recipient to clear their being.  These effects include:
  • Experience Awareness: Attain a Unique Self Attunement of Body~Mind~Emotions~Soul
    Give your Self the Gift of Ola (Life)
  • Re-Awake Your Mana (power), Your restoration of Health (Your Wealth) and Healing.
  • Restore to Perfect Lokahi (unity) within and without. Taking Action Today could save Your Life.
  • Restore your Kin (Body), Soul, Emotions and Spirit (Uhane). This is Your Kuleana (responsibility)
  • Cleanse Self of All Toxic Opala, Revealing the Excellence and Virtue of your Soul Connection to the Mana Power of Pure Light
  • Cleanse and Clear Your Bowl of Light because the child within you is your 1st Step to Clearing your Destiny

“E Ho’omaka’i Ola”

Contact -top-

Volcano Healing Hale (808) 967-7781 – Cell (808) 333-7914.

Maintenance Program -top-

The Kaloko-Kona (west side) Seawater cleanse (Tane I Ta Wai Ola) focuses on diet for the interior and seawater on the exterior, for optimal health.

E Komo Mai “Come Let the Healing Begin”.

Aloha Ke Akua IO ‘O Talani Mai

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