"Aloha, I was attending a Hawaiian Temple Bodyworks Sacred Lomi workshop as teacher assistant this past Feb (2009)... The day our workshop ended, a Saturday afternoon, 3 of my friends and I went out to explore the sacred aina, and ended up at a warm springs pond. While we were there we were graced to witness a healing ceremony. We heard a beautiful woman's voice chanting, followed by a powerful man's chant, and then this group descended into the pond with their followers. We did not wish to disrupt the ceremony, so we just stayed quiet and witnessed this special wonder.

I was transported by the beauty and KINDNESS emanating from the radiant face of this woman. I watched, entranced, as she did energy work with her hands. At one point, she met my eyes, made motions with her hands and pointed directly to ME!!! When my mind questioned..."Me?", she again pointed directly at me, so that I could not doubt her communication.

(Let me here add that, having just finished a 7 day Lomi workshop, I was in such a heart-open state, and in Pono with the beloved land of Hawaii. Let me also say that just now, a few weeks later, while browsing through the websites for shamanic healers in Hawaii, I was electrified to see YOUR picture!!!!) I know I shouldn't be surprised, as all things occur in accordance to Divine Will!

That day, what you said to me in my mind was that there are no coincidences, and that we were there at the same time for a reason. I have realized, as have my teachers, that I am an open channel for energy during Lomi sessions...I have such faith in the work that I welcome the opportunity to offer myself to the spirits to help move energy that others are perhaps at first intimidated to reveal. I feel, perhaps, one of my roles in life is to be a catalyst. So, when you spoke to me on that soul level, my reply to you was: "Use me any way you like", for I could not help but trust the vibrations that I felt from you! I anchored my head to the volcanic rock, spread my arms, palms upward, and let any energy that would just flow through my heart center and toward your circle. I am not usually a forward person...actually somewhat shy, but this feeling of being "called" could not be denied!

At one point, after you came into the water, too, I glanced at the man who had done the powerful chanting and he turned his back, anchoring his forehead to the rock...what he said to my awareness was "This is your future!" I had just gotten over a virus, and was attempting to keep my head dry, but when you floated him in the center of the circle, it came to me over and over (as I resisted at first) that I should totally immerse myself in the water. I gave in and let myself fall backward, where-upon one of my friends held me afloat. I kept hearing the message that "You will receive this transmission, and you will receive it NOW!!!"

We left the pond soon afterward, but a piece of my soul is forever connected to that place. Even now, all I have to do is close my eyes and I see a vision of you standing above us on the rock, and a radiant light fills my being! I do not know where this is all leading...I only know I trust Spirit, I honor what I have learned about the Hawaiian way of belief, and it just felt right. If I in any way interrupted your ceremony, you have my heart felt apology...but if it is truly as it felt to me then...that you were communicating with me on a Higher Plane, then please know I want to honor that call!

I will welcome your correspondence, I would like to know if this is something you were aware of, or if Spirit was playing this scene for my private education! I would also like to know more about your workshops. I must admit that I am somewhat challenged financially right now, having just returned from Hawaii, and being self employed. But I trust that if this is really something I am meant to do, a way will open for it to be so!

'Ho mai ka loea, ka 'ike, ka mana I a 'e ka honua la'

I greet you with a full heart and profound reverence for the work you are doing. I thank you for allowing me to be a witness to it!

Mahalo, Stef D.....I have never felt the need for another name, simply being 'Stef', but on my return from Hawaii, I told my amakua, my horse Ray, that I was Leilani!"


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